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Applying polish and acid stain to concrete brings out its’ natural character. Using high performance coatings makes concrete surfaces resilient, and they add traction for heavy-duty workspaces. We provide the experience and advice that will ensure you make the best decision for your concrete surface solution. There are many benefits in upgrading concrete, and these are just a few.
Unique and diverse: Every piece of concrete is unique. It’s poured at different times of the year using different additives and compositions. Unique imperfections that exist in every floor cannot be created twice. Applications will be custom designed to meet your specific needs.
Flexible, versatile and free of allergens: No matter what’s your style, modern or classic, we can deliver quality results that align with your creative vision. You can be confident that your concrete will not harbor dust, dirt, or allergens and it provides a safe and healthy habitable environment for you and your family.
Environmentally responsible: If concrete has already been poured, why not bring it to life and make it a feature, rather than covering it up. To lay materials over top concrete requires shipping and manufacturing expenses, all impacting carbon emissions. In addition, surface coatings increase the efficiency of in-flooring heating system thus reducing your carbon footprint. By applying surfaces, it enhances concrete’s natural beauty, transforming your space into a unique environmental experience.
Easy to maintain: Polished and decorative concrete is your best choice for years to come, because it’s extremely durable, easy to maintain, and easy to update. Unlike typical flooring surfaces, it does not require ongoing care to ensure it looks good all the time.

Surface Options for Concrete

Polished Concrete

  • When using existing concrete, it saves you money and dramatically lowers ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Provides a Marble surface without the cost of using real stone.
  • Is resistant to high foot traffic and everyday wear and tear.
  • Requires less maintenance and has a longer service life, and is water and stain resistant. This is an essential standard for office building floors, hotels, restaurants, and other public facilities.
  • Dust and allergens cannot be retained in concrete surfaces, so it ‘s great for pets and environment sensitive people.

Acid Stain

  • Offers many colour options with choice of etching, engraving, and stamping. The possibilities are endless.
  • Is resistant to ultraviolet light, staining and fading. Your flooring will last for years.
  • Can simulate the appearance of expensive building materials, including granite, marble, flagstone, and slate.
  • Is environmentally friendly, and can mimic wood, stone or tile.

High Performance Coatings

  • Water resistant, and works well for outside locations.
  • Provides grip in all situations, and is ideal as flooring for restaurants.
  • Excels under stress, especially in areas with heavy volumes of traffic.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, and it is durable and long lasting.