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Bring concrete to life with custom surfaces using polish, stain and high performance coatings, or revitalize it with restoration, patch and repair. Alberta Custom Concrete, with thirty years of experience, provides guaranteed and detailed results for both residential and corporate applications. Check out our specialized services and how we can make your next concrete project a resounding success.

Custom Concrete Surfaces

Every surface poured gives way to unique expressive results. By adding a protective surface using polish, acid stain or a high performance coating, it provides classic beauty and permanence to any residential or corporate space.

Concrete Repair

Have problem concrete? With the right tools and exceptional attention to detail, we can patch, level and restore any concrete surface.

Concrete Countertops

With a classical texture and beauty of their own, we can bring a taste of Italy to countertops, offering flair derived from the application of custom surfaces. A concrete countertop is far more cost-effective than granite and quartz, and it comes with its own ingrained attitude.

Consulting Services

Whether you want us to complete the project in it’s entirety, or if you are handy by nature and have other available workers, We can provide you with the knowledge and tools to execute professionally and get it right. We can provide direction along with on-the-job participation with a great savings to you. For those who want to take on your own concrete surfacing project, we can provide documentation, direction and tools to bring your project to a successful conclusion. We bring to the process our extensive experience and knowledge base that will provide you with preventive measures to ensure all concrete projects follow a smooth path to completion.